Grass verge cutting in rural areas is carried out to ensure that vegetation does not restrict visibility for the highway user and to provide a refuge for pedestrians.

Our policy is to carry out mowing on a safety basis only, by cutting a one-metre width swathe plus additional areas at junctions and on bends, for visibility purposes. Additional cuts may be sanctioned at locations where visibility is impaired and safety jeopardised.


Highway Solutions has been maintaining the soft landscape on the major trunk roads in the Southwest for many years. We have a modern fleet of specialist equipment operated by fully trained and experienced operatives. We ensure a high standard of work at all times and offer
a very professional service.


This includes:

• Verge cutting - Roadside grass cutting and hedge trimming

• Steep angle batter/embankment cutting - Suitable for steep sided road banks or land

• Weed spraying - Growth control on roadways, lawns, paddocks, fields and verges

• Strimming - Manual operatives with petrol grass cutters



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